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Hint: Gier Rhymes with Fire

I am Amelia Gier, the original designer of the Adventure Together® Map Mountain personalized art print.

I was born in California, grew up on the island of Guernsey, and moved to the Seattle area in 1999 with my parents. My transatlantic background inspired me to create art that celebrates you, and the deep connection you have to the places you've been and the people you love.

In 2013 I opened my Etsy shop. I immediately discovered how powerful the right gift can be when I began to read reviews from customers about their friends and family receiving their meaningful personalized gifts. It wasn't long before my little shop grew, and I began to work with my friends and family, and finally with employees to keep up with the orders.

I have been so fortunate to work with a fantastic team of people in my small studio workshop to create over 30,000 of these deeply meaningful pieces of art. It has been another amazing journey, I and I hope there are many more pages left in the story of my business.

Over the years many people have tried to copy my designs, but no one can recreate the quality level that we provide. We want our prints and frames to become treasured heirlooms, and we know how meaningful they really are. My name is at stake, so it's our highest priority to deliver a professional and high-end product to match its sentimental value.

I am so proud of the work we do, and so grateful for our happy customers and the messages they send letting us know their gifts were loved. I hope we can create a unique piece for you and your loved ones too.

God bless,

You can reach me via Etsy - just send a message!